Assisting people with displaced lives in living a balanced life.

Rebuilding Strength and Resilience

Rebuilding strength and resilience is a journey of recovery and growth that involves developing the physical, emotional, and psychological fortitude to face life’s challenges. Whether overcoming a personal setback, dealing with chronic stress, or recovering from trauma, cultivating resilience can help you bounce back and thrive in adversity. Understanding Resilience Resilience is the capacity to

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Learning How to Take Positive Steps

It’s not easy to move forward from a difficult situation or period in life, especially when the going was good and then it suddenly shifts. During such times, humans usually struggle with understanding why certain events are happening to them. Their minds often become a jumble of fear, confusion, and doubt. But in the end,

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Strategies for Coping

Nobody likes displacement. It’s not a situation anyone would choose to live through. Unfortunately, life circumstances such as natural disasters, political turmoil, or international conflicts can force people out of their homes and into unfamiliar environments. Even in the most stable of times, life can sometimes be interrupted by a personal crisis such as a

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Why We Should Stand by Our Decisions

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. We can become so comfortable living in our heads, that we like to stay there and avoid looking at things objectively. We repeat the same patterns, believing that if we look back, we can never turn forward again. But the truth is, sometimes it’s best to keep

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Signs of good mental health

Good mental health can be defined as an optimal state of well-being where you can function well. If you have good mental health, it implies that you can cope with the daily demands and stress that come with life. It also suggests that you can realise your potential, making you a quintessential societal resource. While

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7 Tips To Move On After Addiction

When you’re recovering from an addiction, it can be easy to feel trapped, frustrated, and angry. But that doesn’t mean that the fight has to be lost. The truth is, you can move on after your addiction. Here are seven tips to help you do so. Accept Your Addiction The first step in your journey

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